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  • Hands-on practice
  • Expert Educator
  • Live Q+A
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Our baby and child first aid courses are perfect for new and expecting parents. Our course will empower you with life-saving first aid skills and knowledge - so you can help your little one with confidence.


    From Day One - Prahran 3181

    Course Time

    Morning Course: 9am-1pm

    Melbourne courses are monthly.
    Who is my educator?

    Your course will be facilitated by one of Tiny Hearts' expert educators.

    What topics are covered?

    Our baby and child first aid course covers everything you need to know to protect your little one in a first aid emergency. Our course is the most comprehensive in the industry, and covers:

    1. First Aid Basics
    2. Choking 
    3. Respiratory Distress 
    4. Managing Illness
    5. Managing Injury 
    6. Allergies & Anaphylaxis
    7. Bites, Stings and Poisons 
    8. Q+A
    What is provided in the session?

    Tea, Coffee and Snacks

    We will be providing tea, coffee, water and a snack during the break in your session! Please feel free to bring along any other food or drinks you would like to the session. 

    Baby + Child First Aid Handbook

    81 page first aid handbook for you to take notes during the course and keep at home for quick reference as needed. Designed to refresh your memory whenever you need it, through every stage of the parenthood journey.

    How many people will be in my course?

    When attending our public courses, you will be joined by a group of expecting / new parents. Please see below for our capacity for each location, so you know how many people you will be learning alongside.

    Melbourne - 62 people

    Geelong - 48 people

    Sydney - 62 people

    Canberra - 48 people

    Brisbane - 60 people

    Sunshine Coast - 48 people

    Gold Coast - 48 people

    Townsville - 30 people

    Adelaide - 32 people

    Hobart - 32 people

    Launceston - 32 people

    Perth - 48 people

    Can I bring my baby to this course?

    We have chosen this venue specifically to host baby-friendly courses. It provides the necessary facilities for breastfeeding and changing, ensuring a comfortable environment for you and your baby!


    Our course is split into seven sections. Our expert educators will guide you through each of these sections and give you the skills you need to act in any first aid emergency with your baby.

    You will also have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like so that you leave our course feeling confident, educated and empowered.


    • Identifying if your child is critically unwell  
    • Healthcare pathways 
    • Responding to an emergency (DRSABCD)
    • Baby and Child CPR 
    • Recovery Position

    • Common choking risks your little one might encounter
    • Understanding and managing gagging
    • Mild airway obstruction / Aspiration
    • Severe airway obstruction 
    • Choking prevention strategies
    • Practising how to respond to a choking scenario with your little one

    • Understanding what causes changes in your child's breathing
    • Identifying mild, moderate and severe respiratory distress
    • Responding to and escalating respiratory distress
    • Implementing strategies to help you recognise and respond to respiratory distress in your child

    • Bacterial and viral illnesses 
    • Signs and symptoms 
    • Fever 
    • Managing illness
    • Common medications 
    • Administering medication
    • Monitoring your child while they are unwell
    • Febrile convulsions 

    • Common injuries your child may experience
    • Causes of injury and when to call 000
    • Minor and major wound/bleeding management
    • Broken bones 
    • Mild, moderate and severe head injury 
    • Burns
    • Practising skills in responding to various wounds on your little ones

    • Top 10 high-risk foods and how to introduce to your little one
    • Understanding the difference between allergy and anaphylaxis
    • Identifying an allergic and anaphylactic reaction 
    • Responding to allergies and how to escalate with Healthcare providers
    • Treatment of Anaphylaxis 

    • Poisoning in children 
    • Prevention strategies to keep your children safe around harmful substances
    • Identifying and responding to the poisoning incident
    • Identifying and responding to Insect and Spider Bites 
    • Identifying and responding to Aquatic animal bites and stings 
    • Identifying and responding to Venomous bites and stings 

    Ask as many questions as you like, and our expert educator will take the time to ensure you leave with the knowledge you need to save a little life.

    Building instinct to fall back on

    • Designed by paramedics specifically for parents to have the confidence and skills to render first aid confidently to their little ones

    • Hands-on practice with a manikin allows you to practice skills with your educator and ask questions as you learn

    • 98% of parents felt more confident to act in a first aid emergency with their child after doing our course


    Find the most frequently asked questions below.

    The Tiny Hearts course has been designed to cover topics most relevant for children aged 0-8. In saying that, many topics such as CPR are applicable to all ages.

    There will be a 10-minute break in the middle of the course. You are more than welcome to excuse yourself at any time to go to the bathroom, grab a coffee or have a snack.

    While we are a Registered Training Organisation, the Tiny Hearts First Aid course is a non-accredited course. However, all participants will receive a certificate of participation.

    Requests for a course transfer must be made to our team before your anticipated course date. We understand that the unexpected can happen, and we will do our best to find an alternative course date for you to attend.

    FREE GIFT: First Aid Handbook

    To enhance your learning experience during and after the session, each course attendee will be provided with a comprehensive first aid handbook.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 115 reviews
    Leah Wigg

    Brilliant course for parents

    Love to hear this feedback, thank you Leah!

    Wife of attendee
    Suitable for first time parents pre-child

    My husband attended the course. We have a 2yr old and a 4 month old. He has attended BLS years ago and felt a lot of this was already covered in that. He also said that having a 2yr old already we had experienced many of the scenarios already. He did take a few things from it but overall felt as though he didn't get much from it unfortunately and that the presenter just read out of the book you get so you could just do that instead of attending

    Hi there,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your husband's experience with our course. We truly appreciate your honest feedback, as it helps us understand how we can better serve our participants.

    I'm sorry to hear that your husband didn't find the course as beneficial as you’d hoped. We understand the importance of delivering content that is both engaging and informative, especially for individuals with previous training experience.

    To address your concerns, we'll be reviewing our course materials and instructional methods to ensure that we are providing unique and valuable insights.

    Thank you for being a part of the Tiny Hearts community. If you have any further questions or if there's anything else we can do to improve your experience, please don't hesitate to reach out.

    Best regards,
    Tiny Hearts

    Tiffany Crawford

    Well worth it I have recommended this course to other family and friends

    Thank you, Tiffany; we so appreciate you recommending us to your loved ones. Have a great day

    Jess Kitching

    Brisbane Public Course

    Thanks Jess ❤️

    Paris Novoa
    Excellent First Aid course

    My husband and I (32 weeks at the time) attended the baby and child first aid course in person and absolutely loved it. It was my first time attending a first aid course of any nature, let alone an infant and child specific course, and at no point did I feel overwhelmed or confused by the information provided. The information was delivered clearly, detailed yet not overwhelming, confidently and at the perfect pace.
    The hands on practice really helped too. Being in a room with about 50 other people I thought we would be overlooked and not receive feedback during the hands on exercises, but Rach lead the class so well that she was able to give individual feedback, which gave us confidence.
    1 week on, I still feel confident in the knowledge that I've learnt, backed up with the physical first aid book that we received on the day with further information.
    Thank you so much, Tiny Hearts!