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Antenatal Course

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Bump, Birth + Beyond

Our online birth course provides a holistic and evidence-based overview to help you prepare for a positive birth experience and a beautiful transition into early parenthood.

    Who are my educators?

    This course is written and delivered by pregnancy, birth and early parenthood experts, including:

    • Yasmine, Midwife
    • Dr Joseph Sgroi, Obstetrician
    • Jade, Midwife
    What topics are covered?

    There are over 30 core topics included in the course with several videos on each. For a full list of the topics please click here.

    How long will I have access for?

    Once purchased, you will be able to access the course straight away. We provide you with lifetime access to use with any future pregnancies!

    What do I need to complete the course?
    • A device such as a tablet, phone or TV connected to the internet
    • A good internet connection
    • A teddy, swaddle & nappy if you wish to practice along with your midwife

    It may take a few minutes for your access to come through after your purchase. If it is not in your inbox after several minutes, please get in touch by emailing hello@tinyhearts.co


    Find the most frequently asked questions about our antenatal course below

    1. It will prepare you for labour

    A birthing course is going to give you a more in-depth understanding of the birth process, including the different stages of labour, pain relief options and possible interventions. Knowledge is power in the birthing suite, and it is so crucial for parents to go into the process knowing exactly what is going to happen, what COULD happen and the options that are available to you.

    2. You will feel more confident with parenting

    You go to the hospital. You have your baby. Now what? Birthing courses take you through what to expect in the first few weeks and months with your little one. From adjusting to parenthood to understanding how your bub feeds and sleeps - birthing courses will remove the question marks over the 'fourth trimester'.

    3. Take time to bond with your support person/PIC/co-pilot/partner before the big day

    Birthing courses are so important for BOTH the expectant Mum and the support person. Because the truth of the matter is - while the mother is birthing, you are their rock, their brain and their biggest advocate. The cherry on top? Spending time at the course offers an excellent opportunity for you two to connect further and prepare for this world-changing experience as a team.

    The Bump, Birth and Beyond course is best completed anytime from 20 weeks.

    Please click here for a full list of topics covered in our antenatal course.

    Access to our birthing course is $199 which can be used for yourself and your co-pilot!

    Designed by experienced midwives and our partner obstetrician Dr Joe, our expert midwife will deliver you the most relevant, accurate and up-to-date information possible. As we are not affiliated with any hospitals, the information you receive will be unbiased and free from hospital policy.

    This will depend on your cover and what is included in your policy. We do not have a provider number, however upon request we can provide our educator's midwife registration number which assists many parents with their claim.

    Please get in touch at hello@tinyhearts.co if this is something we can pass onto you! 


    Topics where our midwife educator is speaking directly to the camera (aka you!) uses Closed captioning (CC). Videos where our educator is using slides will have key words appear as she speaks.

    There are over 100 topics in our Bump, Birth and Beyond course. While all of pregnancy, fourth trimester and some of birth will be relevant to families planning a c-section, there will only be a select few dedicated to this specifically including:

    • Planned caesarean section with Dr Joe

    • Caesarean aftercare

    • C-section birth plan

    While we will continue to add more content dedicated to this over time, if you are looking for more detail on planned caesarean sections than we can offer, we would recommend looking at an alternative course.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Donna V
    Very informative and easy to navigate and understand

    Great antenatal course that covers so much about preganabcy and birth. Very helpful and would recommend

    Bump, birth and beyond course

    As a first time mum to be, I found this course to be informative and easy to access the videos, as I had time to watch them.

    Best course

    Really informative online course, lots of small videos and the ability to take the course at your own pace. I like that I can re-visit the different areas of the course and watch videos again as it comes closer to my birth. I like that the videos are from the midwives who are helping the mums through their births.

    Sophia Knowles

    The course was informative but lacked a few things. There were repeats in the videos where things were discussed twice, literally word for word.
    I am happy I got the course on sale, if I paid full price I think I would’ve been more disappointed.
    Would’ve loved to hear more from the Doc.
    Potentially some more informative videos of labour.

    I like the PDFS that come along and are downloadable.

    Hi Sophia, thanks for your review! A lot of people view our course in different sections as they go through their pregnancy journey therefore some important information may be repeated if it is relevant under different topics. We are so glad you love the downloadables!

    Great & informative

    The course covered all the topics you need to know pre and post birth. I completed it over a number of days as the modules are broken up into different topics. Must do before bubba arrives!