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Little Life Saved  / Florence

"One afternoon, Florence choked. She turned very pale, and it took some time for her colour to return. I performed back blows while my partner called for an ambulance, which likely dislodged the object. Florence needed an ambulance ride and a brief hospital stay. It was the scariest moment for me, but my first aid knowledge kept me calm and effective."

Little Life Saved  / Rebel

"When my four-week-old daughter caught RSV, it quickly escalated to bronchiolitis, pneumonia, and a collapsed lung. It was a harrowing week in the hospital, requiring me to advocate for her continually. Thankfully, the knowledge from your course empowered me to confidently navigate her care. This experience underscored the importance of being prepared and informed. It was tough, but being educated helped me stay strong for her."

Little Life Saved  / Maliah Kate

"After our fire guard was removed, our 5-year-old daughter accidentally burned herself on the wood fire glass. Using first aid tips from Tiny Hearts, I quickly managed the burn effectively, impressing the hospital staff with the initial care. She required frequent hospital visits for dressing changes but recovered well. Promptly, we reinstated the fire guard to prevent future incidents."

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