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    Your nappy bag essential, ensuring you have safe access to the medication your little one needs, whenever they need them.

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98% of parents felt more confident to act in a first aid emergency with their child after doing our course.



    Online first aid course for parents covering CPR, choking and much more

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    Your go-to tool during uncertain times, providing insight, confidence and calm.


During my career as a paramedic, I realised if I really wanted to have an impact on our community, I needed to go bigger. I needed to educate the people who I was treating, the people who desperately needed help, but I couldn't get to before it was too late.

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  • Meeting Primrose
    Meeting Primrose

    Meeting Primrose

    I unintentionally delivered my daughter into my own arms in the laundry via VBAC.My son was born two years ago via cesarean section. The CS was planned due to a velamentous cord inversion. I had always envisioned a vaginal birth,...

  • Meeting Reign
    Meeting Reign

    Meeting Reign

    In 2021, I gave birth to my first daughter. The pregnancy was going well, but it was classed as high risk since I have PCOS. At 35 weeks, it was discovered that I had elevated stomach bile levels which meant...

  • This is a tool I used an an ambo, now I use as a parent. Save it in your phone ❀️
    This is a tool I used an an ambo, now I use as a parent. Save it in your phone ❀️

    This is a tool I used an an ambo, now I use as a parent. Save it in your phone ❀️

    If there is one thing I have learned as a parent and am so passionate about empowering others to do, it's advocating for our children.Β  The traditional way we engaged with healthcare was one that saw us attend, listen and...

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    “This course was beyond informative. I was engaged the entire time and benefited from every single thing that was covered. I left the course feeling so much more confident and knowing that if the worst situation were to arise, because of this course I could handle it.”

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    “Wow, is a word to describe it. I had completed a baby first aid course before but this one was more in depth without being too much information. I feel so informed and equiped for the worse case scenarios”

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    “I took the course after my son had a febrile convulsion and I didn’t know what to do. Sadly we tend to leave these things for the last minute, but it’s essential to every parent to have some first-aid knowledge before any event happens.”

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