• Resuscitation Mask | Breath of Life
  • Resuscitation Mask | Breath of Life
  • Resuscitation Mask | Breath of Life

Resuscitation Mask | Breath of Life

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A Breath of Life Pocket Mask is a resuscitation tool designed specifically for parents and caregivers to provide a tight seal when providing CPR to little ones. Utilising a Breath of Life will result in safer and more effective resuscitation. 


The Tiny Hearts Breath of Life Pocket Mask features:

  • A one-way valve provides safety by separating the patient and rescuer
  • Paediatric specific designs allows for a tighter seal when delivering breath component of resuscitation
  • Creating distance from patient allows better view of chest rise and fall, resulting in more effective CPR
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Design is latex free

When ordering a Breath of Life Pocket Mask you receive:

  • One paediatric size resuscitation mask
  • Soft carry case with clip for handy storage

The Breath of Life Pocket Mask is an essential item to have in any environment where little people are present.

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