• Baby First Aid At Your House | Perth
  • Baby First Aid At Your House | Perth
  • Baby First Aid At Your House | Perth

Baby First Aid At Your House | Perth

  • Learn from home
  • Hands-on practice
  • Expert Educator
  • Live Q+A
  • Takehome guide
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Private In-home Baby First Aid


Private courses are perfect for families, friends and mother groups who all want to learn baby and child first aid. This course is the perfect opportunity for anyone wanting to get some hands-on first aid skills, without having to leave their home.


The Low Down

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Investment: $190 per person
  • How many people? We charge for a minimum of 10 people [$1,900], however, you are welcome to bring along extra loved ones at $190 per person
  • Location: Your house! If you live further than 60km from the CBD, there may be a travel fee. Please click here to see what travel zone you fall within.

      Who is my educator?

      Your course will be facilitated by one of Tiny Hearts' expert educators.

      What topics are covered?

      Our baby and child first aid course covers everything you need to know to protect your little one in a first aid emergency. Our course is the most comprehensive in the industry, and covers:
      • Infant and child CPR
      • Choking and gagging
      • Healthcare options
      • Fevers
      • Febrile convulsions
      • Pain relief
      • Medication tips
      • Respiratory distress
      • Croup
      • Whooping cough
      • Allergies and anaphylaxis
      • Burns
      • Head injury
      • Severe bleeding
      • Minor bleeding
      • Bites and stings
      • Fractures
      • Dislocations
      • Poisoning
      • Q+A

      Where can I host a course?

      Your house! If you live further than 60km from the CBD, there may be a travel fee. Please click here to see what travel zone you fall within.

      How many people can I have at my course?

      We charge for a minimum of 10 people [$1,900], however, you are welcome to bring along extra loved ones at $190 per person

      What do I need to host a course?

      • Enough space to cater for all participants to learn theory in front of a screen and practise first aid skills like CPR. All participants must adhere with social distancing restrictions

      • A TV with a HDMI point, a projector or a blank wall for us to project onto

      What's included in my booking?

      As well as an incredible 4 hour immersive learning experience with one of our expert educators, you will also receive our Baby + Child First Aid Handbook.

      This 81 page first aid handbook is perfect for you to take notes during the course and keep at home for quick reference as needed. Designed to refresh your memory whenever you need it, through every stage of the parenthood journey.


      • Infant and child CPR
      • Choking and gagging
      • Healthcare options
      • Fevers
      • Febrile convulsions
      • Pain relief
      • Medication tips
      • Respiratory distress
      • Croup
      • Whooping cough
      • Allergies and anaphylaxis
      • Burns
      • Head injury
      • Severe bleeding
      • Minor bleeding
      • Bites and stings
      • Fractures
      • Dislocations
      • Poisoning
      • Q+A


      • 98% of parents felt more confident to act in a first aid emergency with their child after doing our course

      • Designed by paramedics specifically for parents to render first aid confidently to their little ones

      • Hands-on practice with a manikin allows you to practice skills with your educator and ask questions as you learn


      Find the most frequently asked questions below.

      We come to you for our private courses. The most common venue for this is your home, but we have done private courses in community centres, libraries and more!

      There will be a 10-minute break in the middle of the course. You are more than welcome to excuse yourself at any time to go to the bathroom, grab a coffee or have a snack.

      Your ticket to a public Tiny Hearts first aid course includes the following:

      Learn life saving skills
      A 4-hour immersive learning experience where you will learn how to save a little life. We will educate you on the below topics:

      1. First Aid Foundations 

      • Identifying critically unwell child 
      • Healthcare pathways 
      • Responding to an emergency (DRSABCD)
      • Infant and Child CPR 
      • Recovery Position
      • Practising skills on Infant and Child in multiple scenarios 

      2. Choking 

      • Common choking risks
      • Understanding and managing gagging
      • Mild airway obstruction / Aspiration
      • Severe airway obstruction 
      • Choking prevention strategies
      • Practising skills in responding to an Infant and Child in multiple choking scenarios 

      3. Respiratory Distress 

      • Understanding what causes changes in your child's breathing
      • Identifying mild, moderate and severe respiratory distress
      • Responding to and escalating respiratory distress
      • Implementing strategies to help you and your caregivers recognise and respond.

      4. Managing Illness

      • Bacterial and Viral illnesses 
      • Signs and symptoms 
      • Fever 
      • Managing illness
      • Common medications 
      • Administering medication
      • Monitoring your child while they are unwell
      • Febrile convulsions 
      • Practising skills in responding to and monitoring an unwell child

      5. Managing injury

      • Common injuries children experience
      • Causes of injury and when to call 000
      • Minor and major wound/bleeding management
      • Broken bones 
      • Mild, moderate and severe Head injury 
      • Burns
      • Practising skills in responding to various wounds 
      • Practising skills in identifying the severity of head injuries 

      6. Allergies & Anaphylaxis

      • Allergies and Australian children
      • Top 10 high-risk foods and how to introduce
      • Understanding the difference between allergy and anaphylaxis
      • Identifying an allergic and anaphylactic reaction 
      • Responding to allergies and how to escalate with Healthcare providers
      • Treatment of Anaphylaxis 

      7. Envenomation 

      • Poisoning in children 
      • Prevention strategies to keep your children safe around harmful substances
      • Identifying and responding to the poisoning incident
      • Identifying and responding to Insect and Spider Bites 
      • Identifying and responding to Aquatic animal bites and stings 
      • Identifying and responding to Venomous bites and stings 

      • Tiny Human Club Course Resource Pack
        We are so excited to announce that in 2023, all public course participants will receive a course resource pack to be there for you when your little one arrives. This pack is there to support you when you need it, with emergency numbers, a cool pack and a baby + child first aid handbook so you can refresh your memory and refer back to learn more.

      It is totally up to you, but we definitely recommend coming before you have bub. This way, you can step into life's next big adventure feeling 100% confident.

      The Tiny Hearts course has been designed to cover topics most relevant for children aged 0-8. In saying that, many topics such as CPR are applicable to all ages.

      While we are a Registered Training Organisation, the Tiny Hearts First Aid course is a non-accredited course. However, all participants will receive a certificate of participation.

      Requests for a course transfer must be made to our team before your anticipated course date. We understand that the unexpected can happen, and we will do our best to find an alternative course date for you to attend.

      tiny human club resource pack

      Each course attendee will receive this pack to support their learning experience during and after their session.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Beth Wiggins
      Alex is amazing!

      A group of parents from my mother’s group got together to have first aid training to increase our confidence responding in the case of emergency with our littles. Alex fit the vibe of the group perfectly, she adapted the courses path to best suit our needs and focus areas. She was friendly and an absolute pleasure to have in our home, in addition to being very well liked by all the babies. I recommend her highly !

      Absolutely worth the time and money

      Such a fantastic course that was presented in an easy to understand way that wasn't overwhelming. Our course host Emily was great!