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  • Melbourne Public Course
  • Melbourne Public Course
  • Melbourne Public Course
  • Melbourne Public Course

Melbourne Public Course

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Public Course

Our baby and child first aid courses are perfect for new and expecting parents. Our course will empower you with life-saving first aid skills and knowledge - so you can help your little one with confidence.


    Hotel Chadstone - 1341 Dandenong Rd, Chadstone VIC 3148

    Course Time

    Morning Course: 9am-1pm

    Afternoon Course: 2pm-6pm

    Who is my educator?

    Your course will be facilitated by one of Tiny Hearts' expert educators.

    What topics are covered?

    Our baby and child first aid course covers everything you need to know to protect your little one in a first aid emergency. Our course is the most comprehensive in the industry, and covers:

    • Infant and child CPR
    • Choking and gagging
    • Healthcare options
    • Fevers
    • Febrile convulsions
    • Pain relief
    • Medication tips
    • Respiratory distress
    • Croup
    • Whooping cough
    • Allergies and anaphylaxis
    • Burns
    • Head injury
    • Severe bleeding
    • Minor bleeding
    • Bites and stings
    • Fractures
    • Dislocations
    • Poisoning
    • Q+A
    What is provided in the session?

    Tea, Coffee and Snacks

    We will be providing tea, coffee, water and a snack during the break in your session! Please feel free to bring along any other food or drinks you would like to the session. 

    Baby + Child First Aid Handbook

    81 page first aid handbook for you to take notes during the course and keep at home for quick reference as needed. Designed to refresh your memory whenever you need it, through every stage of the parenthood journey.

    How many people will be in my course?

    When attending our public courses, you will be joined by a group of expecting / new parents. Please see below for our capacity for each location, so you know how many people you will be learning alongside.

    Melbourne - 62 people

    Geelong - 48 people

    Sydney - 62 people

    Canberra - 48 people

    Brisbane - 60 people

    Sunshine Coast - 48 people

    Gold Coast - 48 people

    Townsville - 30 people

    Adelaide - 32 people

    Hobart - 32 people

    Launceston - 32 people

    Perth - 48 people

    Note about babies at public courses

    Due to venue restrictions, babies and children are unable to attend these courses. As we navigate a new COVID-normal world, we need to ensure that we adhere to strict social distancing policies.

    Also, babies deserve a lot of love and attention and this will ensure that you and every other participant is able to soak up as much life-saving education as possible.

    If you are unable to organise care for your little one, we recommend checking out our in-home course options.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Ok not as good as expected

    I had high hopes for the day whilst I did learn lots and walk away more confident in the first few areas of the course CPR and choking etc the last few topics were rushed over and I still feel I question myself after about the last few topics and Google about those topics. I felt like the day was a little rushed and the size of the class for 1 teacher / educator was too big … for that size would think you would need at least 2 teachers for when doing the practical CPR / choking whilst the educator said she watched over everyone I still don’t think it was enough another set of eyes helping reassure people would have been better. Especially for the price. The venue it’s self was great (could have been a little colder in the room if being really particular). Teacher was good very knowledgable and passionate! Just wished there was at least 1 more even to ask questions as she said she was there all day taught a class before and not eaten so obviously not going to get the absolute most out of the one person.

    Highly recommended

    Very comprehensive course with lots of opportunities to practise. I especially liked the fact that it covered more than just CPR and choking. Feel much more confident now as a new parent. Thanks Tiny Hearts!

    Marie Luckhurst
    I wish I took this course sooner!

    An excellent event full Of so much information. It’s my first time parenting so even the simplest things can be scary and confusing. This course made me feel confident in my own abilities! I feel like I can take care of my little one if she was to ever face danger, need help.

    Tiffany Thompson
    Public course first aid

    I learnt so much from doing this course! It was interactive and fun and the educator was very knowledgeable. I feel so much more confident in performing first aid for 8 month old. Thank you Tiny Hearts, my husband and grandparents will be doing the course too. Love your Instagram account too!

    Aaron Gubieski

    The course was excellent. Educator was clear, confident and enthusiastic. May have gone a little too quick towards the end but overall was great course and would recommend to others.

    tiny human club resource pack

    Each course attendee will receive this pack to support their learning experience during and after their session.