Visiting a Newborn? Here's What You Need to Know

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There is nothing that hits you harder in the ovaries than meeting a super cute newborn bub. If you're planning a visit to meet a newborn, here are nine things that you need to know before you go:


1. Avoid the Pop In

We're sorry, but the days of popping in on your bestie are over. Newborns are hard work and can be especially frustrating when somebody turns up un-announced, despite their positive intentions. Why? The baby may be asleep; it may be time for a feed or Mama really just needs a nap.


Top Tip! You should also avoid visiting Mama and bub in the hospital unless you're immediate family or you're invited. It's just common courtesy!






2. Get Vaccinated

We're going to be blunt here, but make sure your vaccinations are up to date before visiting a newborn. Whooping cough is one we highly recommend! Why? Babies immune systems are super fragile, and we may be carrying around viruses we don't even know that we have. If these are caught by bub, they can become gravely ill.


If the parents ask all visitors to get vaccinated before visiting their little one, please don't question their decision. It is their choice and not one that should be argued against.





3. Feeling Sick? STAY AWAY!

This should go without saying, but if you're feeling sick, please don't go and visit a newborn. Even if you just have a mild cold, bub may contract whatever you're carrying and become sicker than you. It's really not worth the risk.




4. No Kisses

Please don't kiss the baby. We know that they're super cute and their fresh little heads smell amazing, but again their skin and immune system is vulnerable at the moment. No baby deserves to get cold sores for the rest of their life because Great Aunt Carol couldn't stay away!


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5. Don't Post Photos on Social Media

While we live in the digital age, it's important to remember to ask the parent's permission before posting any images of their newborn on social media. This is the parent's decision and their wishes should be respected.



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6. Don't Create More Work

Having a newborn at home, especially for the first time is a tough gig, so try and avoid any unnecessary tasks for parents to complete while you visit. If you're just popping in, make sure you offer to make yourself a coffee and then wash your dishes before you leave. If you have food, make sure you do all the prep and cleaning up.




7. Don't Overstay your Welcome

You know that your family and friends love you and they are so appreciative that you've come to see their little bub, but a quick visit is generally a good visit. Extended visits may interrupt scheduled naps or feeds and more often than not, they will be to polite to ask you to leave. Aim to stay the length of one coffee and a biccy!




8. Don't be Offended

Having a newborn is amazing, and everything, but boy is it hard work! Please don't be offended if Mama is short, grumpy or tired when you visit; we guarantee she's probably had a tough day or night with bub and all she needs right now is an outlet.






9. Bring Mama Something!

How can we forget the beautiful Mama that just gave birth to this super cute bubba!? Take along her favourite snack, a new mug or even just some new comfy undies - you will get bonus points in the friend department. Another great thing to bring a Mama is a Tiny Hearts course voucher, that means they can book in and learn some life-saving skills once things have settled with bub.





 If you've got any top tips for visiting newborns, make sure you leave them in the comments below! ❤️



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