By Tiny Hearts Education

Nursery Safety: What to Avoid


As parents, it's our responsibility to keep our bubs safe and out of harm's way. While you're always told what you should include your bub's nursery, we've made a list of the key things you SHOULD NOT include.



  • Do not have your child's cot near a window
  • Do not have them in reach of curtain or blind cords. If they are near cords, please shorten and secure them so are entirely out of reach, as this is a strangulation hazard
  • Do not have any bumpers, toys or decorative items in the cot while bub is sleeping
  • Do not have electric blankets in the cot with bub
  • Make sure the cot's mattress fits in snug, with no gaps
  • Do not place any soft bedding underneath your bub. They should be sleeping on their back with a firm, flat mattress


  • Keep all nappy or changing related items close to the changing table. Why? If you're changing your bub and look away or take your hands off them for a second, they could roll and be at risk of a severe fall
  • Check all furniture covers and ensure that there are no sharp corners exposed
  • Do not have any electrical appliances or cords in reach of children
  • Make sure all bulky furniture is secured to the wall. This includes bookcases, tallboy drawers, televisions and TV cabinets. This will stop them from tipping over if a child was to ever climb on them
  • Make sure a smoke alarm is installed in or near your child's bedroom
  • Avoid using vaporisers in your child's room, as these can cause burns. Instead, opt for a cool-air humidifier


  • Do not leave toys in the cot with bub unsupervised
  • Do not leave toys on the ground or anywhere bub can reach while unsupervised
  • Ensure that all toys pass the choke check test, to avoid choking hazards
  • Do not give your child any toys that are smaller than there windpipe, have strings, ribbons or anything recommended for children older than their age

While it's super important to child-proof your home, our little one's are prone to accidents and they do happen. So, it's vital that you book into a baby and child first aid course, so you know what to do if your little one gets injured. Click here to view dates or to book.