By Tiny Hearts Education

Gender Reveal Fails

There's nothing more exciting or nerve-wrecking than finding out the gender of your baby. Gender reveal parties became all the rage a couple of years ago and were designed to allow expectant parents to share the big news with all their loved ones.

From balloons to flares, parents have come up with all sorts of super crazy ideas to help the reveal their child's gender. But, despite the lengthy planning not all of them go to plan...

So, cause it's Fri-yay, we've put together a list of our top 5 gender reveal FAILS!



This Mum was en-route to her gender reveal party when her son just couldn't wait to find out if he'd be getting a new baby sister or baby brother.




This sports-themed reveal went all kinds of wrong when the balloon decided to fly away, leaving the parent's with no gender. 




These car loving parents wanted to create the ultimate 'burn out' experience when they found their baby's gender, but their car had other plans.




Telling your kids your pregnant or telling them their gender of their new sibling can always be met with mixed emotions. It's safe to say that these kids were definitely NOT impressed!




And finally, the gender of this bubba was revealed right in front of an unsuspecting loved one. Ouch!



...and just in case you haven't gotten enough of these hilarious fails, check out this compilation video!