By Tiny Hearts Education

Meeting Savannah

At 41+4, we grabbed our bags and set off to hospital to meet our baby girl - it was eviction day, hehe! Arriving Sunday at 12 noon, I was hooked up to all the machines to monitor bub and make sure she was content to start our induction. Whilst hooked up, bubs heart rate dropped for some time, so an emergency button was pushed, and 5 or so other midwives and doctors came running in. Thankfully, bub sorted herself out, and her heart rate came back up to normal so we could start our induction.


At 2:45 pm, we had the Cervidil tape procedure started. At 3 am Monday, I was only 1cm dilated, which wasn’t enough to take me over to the birth suite yet, so we started another form of induction - the ballon process, which was started at 10:30 am. It was comfortable to have done; however, the cramps that followed were quite strong. They gave me Panadol and Codeine, which was great and allowed me to sleep some more. At 10 pm, I was taken over to the birthing suite as I was now 4cm dilated.


They broke my waters and hooked me up to a drip to speed up my contractions. I pushed through the contractions as long as I could using the fitness ball, shower and gas. Finally, I asked for an epidural - the best thing I did! I could relax, sleep, and then, once fully dilated, would have some more energy to bring our baby girl out.


We started pushing around 6:45 am on Tuesday - things started well, and bub was right there, but my contractions began to ease off. Bubs heart rate started to drop again, and the emergency button was pushed. Around 7 doctors and midwives came running in; the doctor now took over from the midwife. They first cut my perineum and proceeded with a vacuum-assisted delivery. The umbilical cord was short, and this was possibly why bubs heart rate was dropping; the cord could have kinked or wrapped around her leg.



Although overwhelming, seeing bub for the first time and knowing she was safe and healthy made it all worth it - a very emotional experience for both hubby and I. And now we are in awe of our little family.