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Meeting Meeting Aaliyah and Summer

Meeting Aaliyah and Summer

I found out I was pregnant with my DCDA twin girls at around 7 weeks pregnant. I went on to have a great pregnancy apart from morning sickness, and then came the whole body pains towards the end. My feet swelled, and I could hardly move. Because of this, I was booked to be induced the morning I was 37+1. I had a check and a stretch and sweep when I was 36+1 because I had constantly been going to the hospital for reduced movements and constant aches, which most times ended up being contractions that subsided on their own. At my check-up, they found I was already 4cm dilated! They told me I'd most likely have the twins within the next few days because they believed my body would go naturally into labour, given how far my cervix was already open. In the lead-up to the following week, I was stressing so bad about having the epidural. These were babies 4 and 5, and I've never had pain relief with labour before as I'm petrified of needles, especially the thought of one in my back. I got to the Sunday, the day before my expected induction. I organised the other kids to be cared for as I needed to be in the hospital at 7am to begin induction. 

At around 2am, I was woken up by some pains. I thought it was just false labour again, as it had been many times before, but by 3am, I could tell it was different. I knew these girls weren't waiting any longer. I called L&D, who advised me to come in. I woke up my partner and let him know it was time, then called my mum as she was also going to be in the birth suite with me. We made our way to the hospital. The contractions were extremely intense, and I didn't think I'd make it to the hospital. We got there around 3.30am, got all the bags, and made our way upstairs. They checked me in at 4.07am. I was asked if I needed to go to the bathroom before hooking me up to the monitors to check on the girls. I got to the bathroom and sat down to go to the toilet when all of a sudden, I began involuntarily pushing. I called to the midwife, "I think I feel something!" Upon examination, my waters were bulging out. The midwife pressed the emergency button, and a million different people came running in. They got me to the bed, broke my waters and at 4.25am Aaliyah Ruth was born. Once the OB had checked me out, she told me twin B was trying to go up and turn and to push as hard as I could. With the anaesthetist standing next to me, unable to do anything because of how quick it was all going, I pushed as hard as I could and Summer Gayle was born at 4.35am. Both girls were born head down, natural vaginal with no pain meds and no tearing or grazes, so no stitches were needed. Given everything happened so fast compared to how I envisioned it, I felt it was all a dream. I couldn't have asked for a better twin birth.

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