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C-Section Tips for you, my beautiful friend 💕

🤰🏼 ask if a maternal assisted caesarean is possible, it’s so empowering

🤰🏼 if they give you access to your room before birth, set everything up as you want it, unpack and plug chargers in and keep everything within easy reach once your out of surgery all of this is impossible as your numb and then in pain

🤰🏼 when sneezing or coughing hold a pillow against your c section incision to reduce pain

🤰🏼 take stool softeners and also a degas medication with you to hospital you get so bloated and the pain medication can cause constipation which isn’t fun post surgery also peppermint tea helps

🤰🏼chewing gum helps with referred shoulder tip pain

🤰🏼manage your pain, take the meds and lean on your support people to help when first getting up 😫

🤰🏼 stay hydrated and eat, juggling recovery plus a newborn is no easy feat

🤰🏼 pack disposable postpartum undies they are loose and sit above incision - you still will bleed after your c section

🤰🏼 pack postpartum black high waisted seamless undies (Tiny Hearts have these in birth kit) size up at least 2 so not tight but still supportive

🤰🏼 pack your own blanket and pillow makes you feel much more at home

🤰🏼 pack loose fitting clothing, feeding friendly PJ’s (buttons) and slippers

🤰🏼 buy a long charger cord at least 3m

🤰🏼 pack snacks you like to munch on during those long nights

🤰🏼 lip balm, dry shampoo and make up wipes

🤰🏼get a specific c section belly band that wraps around not pulls up over (ouch)

🤰🏼 discuss if and when you want people to visit and send out text with any boundaries you want people to know about (no kissing baby, sick stay away, must notify before visiting etc)

🤰🏼 eye mask to sleep and ear plugs

🤰🏼 express colostrum and take to hospital if baby needs - I had gestational diabetes and both kids had low sugars and went to special care if no colostrum baby will be given formula

🤰🏼 breastfeeding pillow as it’s a barrier between incision and baby

🤰🏼 you may not feel well in recovery so prep partner to jump in and do skin to skin if you can’t

🤰🏼 breast pump, if you plan to BF (although if you don’t have one the hospital will) I liked having my own and knowing how to use

🤰🏼 use instant ice packs for c section incision

🤰🏼 sit down for first shower and don’t have temp too hot 🥵



  • Thank you for all your advise/tips and help. I’m only 5 weeks and have come across your account and the birth of your third child at the perfect timing. 😊🥰

    Kelly on

  • Super helpful. I’m going in for 3rd C in a few weeks and want to do everything I can to make things “easier” post op. Congrats and thank you lovely x

    Sarah on

  • Thank you! I wish I had this list before my first emergency c-section but also taking them on board now in case I need another one with our 2nd bub.

    Charlotte Fisher on

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