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Getting Healthcare for your Child Quickly

Parents, when your little ones are sick and you aren't sure where to go for support it is so helpful to be aware of the resources that are available to you. These resources are especially useful if your little one needs assessment after hours and you can't see a GP. Here are some of our favourite resources to help you through times when your little one is sick. Bookmark and save these resources so you have them handy.


Victorian Virtual Emergency Department (VVED)

The VVED is a public health service for non-life-threatening emergencies by Northern Health. It is available to parents anywhere in Victoria, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will be linked to their Virtual Emergency Department waiting room and placed in a virtual triage queue. There are also interpreting services available.


Kids Doc on Call

Kids Doc on Call provides urgent care telehealth service from a senior children's specialist for a fee. They can provide expert medical advice for your child from newborn to 17 years of age. Additional fees apply.



Call 13 7425 (13 SICK)

13 Sick National Home Doctor is Australia's largest network of home-visiting doctors. They offer bulk billing for home visits for patients with Medicare. This is a great resource to use when you need urgent medical care, but your usual GP is closed. They are available on weekdays after 6pm, Saturdays from 12pm and all day Sunday and public holidays.




1800 312 611

Cubcare is a Brisbane-based company that has various healthcare services to support families before, during and after their urgent healthcare needs. Some services offered by Cubcare include Urgent Care Clinic, Baby & Toddler Clinic, and Crying or Unsettled Baby. These services can be accessed for a fee. See their website for more details.


Health Direct Symptom Checker

An online tool parents can use to help guide them to the appropriate healthcare action, such as seeing a doctor or going to the emergency department. It can provide information on your symptoms and possible signs of illness, causes and complications.




Nurse on call

Call 1300 60 60 24 available 24 hours a day 7 days a week

This is a helpline that provides Victorians with health advice from a registered nurse. In QLD this is 13HEALTH, and Health Direct in other states. A registered nurse will answer your call and will be able to talk you through the symptoms you are seeing. They can then advise about the best course of action.


MCHN Health Line

VIC: call 13 22 29 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) 

ACT: (02) 6287 3833, (9 am-4 pm Monday to Friday, except public holidays)

NSW: 1300 130 052 (9 am-9 pm Monday to Friday, 4 pm-9 pm weekends)

QLD+NT: 1300 301 300 (8 am-10 pm 7 days)

SA: 1300 364 100, (7.15 am-9.15 pm 7 days)

TAS: 1300 808 178, (24 hours 7 days)

This is a confidential health line that can provide information about the care and health of little ones from birth to school age. They can provide health information, health advice and family support.




1300 MEDICINE (1300 633 424)

9am-5pm Mon-Fri

This is a service that can be used to answer your medicine-related questions, such as side effects, the best way to take them, and safe use in pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is a free service available to all Australians and is staffed by registered pharmacists. 


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