By Tiny Hearts Education

WARNING signs that could save your bub's life

As a mama to two babies, I know how scary it can be when they are unwell.


I remember once when my little boy Wolf was sick, and I held his little body all night. As he trembled and cried in discomfort, he held me tightly while we spent hours in the shower as it was the only thing that provided him with some relief.



It had me thinking about how many other mama's were doing the same thing, but how many of them were unsure and confused about how to manage their baby and if they needed to seek medical care.


So, I put this together for you. So, when your baby is unwell, when it's 3 am, and you have no one you can call, you can come back here. You can read exactly what you should be looking for in a seriously unwell child and hopefully, walk away with the reassurance knowing its a simple illness and that your little one is okay!


We never worry about the number that displays on the thermometer. The best way to assess the severity of the illness is by looking at your baby. These are concerning signs if bub:

💔Is under three months with a temp >38 degrees

💔 Has a high-pitched, weak or continuous cry

💔 Is pale, mottled or blue skin

💔 Is lethargic, drowsy or unresponsive

💔 Is not drinking normally and has less wet nappies

💔 Is not breathing normally

💔 Has a rash that doesn't fade when pressed

💔 Has a bulging fontanelle (soft spot on top of their head)


If your bub as any of these seek medical attention ASAP.


If bub has none of these signs and is just feeling miserable with a fever:

👉 Offer small drinks frequently, don't stress about food

👉 Keep an eye on wet nappies and signs of dehydration

👉 Sponge their face with a face washer or allow them to suck on one

👉 Hop in the shower; warm water is magic!

👉 Undress bub but do not allow them to shiver (this increases heat)

👉 If bub is uncomfortable offer paracetamol or ibuprofen (track it on your Sickness Buddy)


Screenshot or bookmark this blog post now for the next time your little one is unwell.


We're all in the together mamas ❤️