• FeverBuddy Thermometer
  • FeverBuddy Thermometer
  • FeverBuddy Thermometer
  • FeverBuddy Thermometer
  • FeverBuddy Thermometer
  • FeverBuddy Thermometer
  • FeverBuddy Thermometer
  • FeverBuddy Thermometer
  • FeverBuddy Thermometer
  • FeverBuddy Thermometer
  • FeverBuddy Thermometer
  • FeverBuddy Thermometer
  • FeverBuddy Thermometer
  • FeverBuddy Thermometer
  • FeverBuddy Thermometer
  • FeverBuddy Thermometer

FeverBuddy Thermometer

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Our new Infrared Thermometer is a must-have in your home to support and protect your little ones from sickness.


What's included with my thermometer?

1 x FeverBuddy Infrared Thermometer
1 x Protective Case
1 x Travel Case
1 x Instruction Manual

Plus BONUS online Fever Course to educate and empower you by giving you both the tools and knowledge to navigate sickness.

Key features & functions

Easy to operate with fast and accurate results, other features include:

Dual Mode

You can check your child's temperature via ear or forehead.

Fever Alert

The colour-coded display allows you to quickly assess your child. You will know within seconds if your child has a normal, rising or elevated temperature.


Toggle between baby and adult mode. Measure room, milk and water temperatures. 

Fast & Accurate

Designed to quickly read your child's temperature and provide you with accurate information needed to care for your baby

Memory Recall 

Memory recall function that recalls 35 memory sets, so you can look back at bub's temperatures you have taken previously.

Mute Function

Mute function so you can check bub's temperate while they sleep without waking them.

The FeverBuddy Thermometer is also switchable between celsius and Fahrenheit and has a power-off function, with power saving mode.

Delivery Timeframes

We will dispatch your order from our warehouse in 48 hours. Once it's with our shipping partner, we can't determine how long delivery will take but you will be sent a tracking number so you can track your parcel.

Important Information before use

It is important to clean the lens between each use using an alcohol wipe. A dirty or marked lens can often result in low, inconsistent readings or no readings at all.


Troubleshooting information can be found here

You can reset the thermometer by removing and re-inserting the batteries.


The FeverBuddy Thermometer comes with a 12-month warranty from the time of purchase.

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designed for parents


  • Nikki and Rach
    Nikki and Rach

    Every purchase of our FeverBuddy Thermometer comes with an online course taking you through managing fevers, using your thermometer and looking out for red flags in your little one

  • Inaccurate thermometer readings usually come from user error. To ensure you feel confident and get an accurate temperature, let us show you how to use it!

  • We'll take you through our best tips for making sure your child is more comfortable during a fever.


Find the most frequently asked questions about our FeverBuddy Thermometer below.

Our FeverBuddy Thermometer is recommended for babies 6 months + through to adults.

2 x AAA batteries 

The FeverBuddy Thermometer has batteries included with purchase. 

Yes! The FeverBuddy Thermometer will store up to 35 previous reads, so you can track your child’s fever.

Our Thermometer has been independently tested and is proven to give accurate (+/- 0.3°C) readings in under one second.

Yes! You will find instructions on how to access this in your FeverBuddy Thermometer box.

  • What is a fever 
  • Signs and symptoms of a fever 
  • How to treat a fever 
  • Red flags to look out for 
  • How to use the Tiny Hearts thermometer 

Yes you can! Ensure you change the mode to ‘object’ mode. For detailed information, please refer to the user manual after purchasing.

Please note the display is indicative only, it is important that you consider your child’s symptoms and seek professional medical advice where required. A temperature alone will not be indicative of the health of your child. 

Green- Normal temperature- 35.4℃ - ≤37.6℃ 

Orange- Rising temperature- 37.6℃ - ≤38.5℃ 

Red - Elevated temperature- >38.5℃

There is a 12 month warranty for faulty thermometers only. A proof of purchase is required.

Unfortunately, for hygienic reasons we cannot accept returns on this item unless the item is faulty due to manufacturing issues.

Yes, the FeverBuddy Thermometer is listed on the ARTG.

We can ship internationally however, due to carrier restrictions, batteries will not be included in international shipments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Dangerous Product with concern

On three occasions now your thermometer has now come not even close to appropriately registering fever in my child.

All three occasions, this thermometer has read 36.7 (both using the ear and forehead) or below when in fact my child has had a fever of 38.0 and above, even a fever of 39.8 at it’s peak and the thermometer still read below 36.7.

The lense is not dirty and the product has been stored appropriately since purchase.

Very unsafe. Would not recommend as a trained medical professional.

Hi Bronwyn,

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused by your experience with our thermometer. To address this matter, we kindly request your permission to conduct a quality review of the thermometer at our office. Upon assessment, we will be pleased to offer a replacement or refund based on your preference. Our team has initiated private communication with you. We appreciate your understanding and apologise once again for any inconvenience caused.

The Tiny Hearts Team

Inaccurate and Inconsistent Readings

Just like previous reviews, we found this thermometer to be unreliable and produce inaccurate readings constantly. We tried following the troubleshooting instructions but we had readings all the way from 36.2 to 38.1 degrees. Frustrated by the product, we ended up going to the pharmacy and opted for a cheaper model which is by far more reliable. Don't be fooled by the marketing campaigns on social media, this product is not reputable. Not worth the money or the stress.

Hi Stephanie,

We are so sorry to hear about your experience with the FeverBuddy Thermometer! We have reached out to you privately via email to assist in further troubleshooting and resolving the issue for you as soon as possible as inaccurate readings can be due to a dirty lens in some cases. Looking forward to assisting you further.

The Tiny Hearts Team ❤️

Kathryn Castelletto

I have used this thermometer, or tried to, multiple times since buying however we have never got an accurate reading when then comparing to another thermometer or drs office. I have troubleshooted as per the manual and online module with no results. Used both modes, cleaned, changed batteries etc and it’s always at least a degree or two out when clearly a fever is present. I really wanted to love it as the design, lack of choking hazard, and tiny hearts reputation was promising. Not to mention the cost was significant! I thought maybe it was mine being faulty however reading reviews it appears not.

Hi Kathryn,

We are so sorry to hear about your negative experience with the FeverBuddy Thermometer, this is not the experience we want for our customers at all! We have contacted you directly to take the next steps to investigate this issue further and rectify this for you ASAP.

The TH Team

Kalynne Crockett
Unreliable and inconsistent.

Purchased this in Feb and have used it a handful of times when my toddler has felt hot and has always read normal on the Feverbuddy. After double checking on an auxiliary thermometer with a difference of almost 2 degrees!
After reading reviews it appears that many others have had the same issue. Really disappointing that it is unreliable. I hope it can be fixed as I am such a fan of tiny hearts!!

Jessica Bebb
Reliable inaccurate

Honestly I wish I had sent this back soon after I’d bought it but I was too lazy, now every time I try and use it again I’m just reminded how annoyed I am at how much I spent on this. It is always AT LEAST a whole degree lower than my other (very reliable) Braun thermometer. Multiple times I have felt a very obvious temperature on my boy, Braun shows it as such and every single time this Tiny Hearts thermometer has shown 37 deg or lower. Doesn’t matter which mode I use it on or how often I have followed the instructions, it is never accurate and was a waste of money.

Hi Jessica,

We're sorry to hear about your experience with the FeverBuddy Thermometer. Because we chose not to include probe covers with the thermometer, the lens can be easily affected by grime, which. can affect the accuracy of readings. We have contacted you directly via email to troubleshoot the issue, and if this does not help, we can take the next steps.

Apologies for the inconvenience here. Your experience with our courses and products is our top priority.

The TH Team