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  • Boo Gel Cool Pack
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Boo Gel Cool Pack

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Hey there 👋 I'm Boo the bear; here to help you and your little one with life's bumps and tumbles.

I'm filled with soft, flexible, non-toxic beads, and you can use me for cold therapy. I'm designed to be held by little hands so I'm a little smaller than your average cool pack.

Keep in the fridge for when injury, bruises, bumps, sprains & minor injuries strike. Even use to keep lunch boxes & snacks cool!

What happens if my child swallows the gel beads?

The gel beads contained within this cool pack are made of Sodium polyacrylate and are non toxic. These are not water beads, although can expand 0.5cm when immersed in water. In the case of a child ingesting gel beads, you should have them seen by a doctor immediately as there is a risk of the gel beads expanding and obstructing digestive tracts.

What do I use cold therapy for?

Use cold packs on injuries that result in swelling and inflammation such as bruises, muscle and joint strains. The aim is to slow blood flow to the area as too much swelling can impede the healing process.

Character cool pack dimensions

Ace: 7cm width x 11cm height

Mae: 6.5cm width x 11cm height

Boo: 6.5cm width x 10.5cm height

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