First Aid Kits

Tiny Hearts is a strong advocate of being prepared. From the moment we welcome a baby into our lives, we want to ensure that they grow up in the healthiest, safest and most secure environment possible. This is one of our strongest motivations for creating these first-aid kits.

Your baby and family first-aid kits are your first line of defence in any emergency involving your child, be that a simple little boo-boo, a minor burn or breathing problems. It contains everything you need to protect them from further injury, help them recover and in a worst-case scenario, keep them alive.

You’ll find everything you need for these situations in any of our three baby and family first-aid kits.

Tiny Hearts baby and family first-aid kits — created by professionals, crafted with care

Each gender-neutral, beautifully handcrafted tin of your kid’s first-aid kit was put together by a team of doctors and paramedics. What you’ll get in each kit is essential to help you navigate this journey in confidence.

In our family first-aid kits, you will find items typically found in any other kits:

Cotton buds
Antiseptic pads
Alcohol cleansing wipes
Elastic bandages
Gauze pads
…and more!

What makes our children’s first-aid kits more suitable for homes with young ones is the inclusion of items like:

Splint boards
Emergency blankets
Eyewash cups
Gel cool packs
Resource booklet
…and your very own Breath of Life CPR mask!

Each kit contains everything parents and caregivers might need in an emergency situation. We like to think of the resource booklet as a “wingman,” giving you the confidence and knowledge you need to soothe and even save your little one.

We also encourage you to find our first-aid guides on topics like respiratory assessments and what to do in case your child is attacked by magpies. You’ll understand exactly how a baby first-aid kit could come in handy in these situations. 

Get your very own baby and family first-aid kit today

We understand the importance of being ready for any emergency, which is why we’ve carefully selected the first-aid kit items to ensure you’re prepared for unexpectedly dangerous situations that life throws at you. While we hope you never have to use the items in our first-aid kits — especially the CPR mask, we believe it’s important you have them on hand.

Pick one of our hard-tin cases with beautiful handpainted artwork or choose a baby and family first aid kit on the go, so you’re ready for anything, anytime, anywhere!
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    First Aid Kit

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