Baby First Aid Course In Adelaide

As parents or caregivers, you understand the importance of keeping your baby safe, happy and comfortable. But do you know what to do during an emergency? We understand that most of us don’t want to think about these situations, but it’s a fact of life that they can happen.

Are you ready to handle them when they come?

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Emergencies are not always life-threatening. Some of it can be a scrape on the knee or a cut on a finger that just needs a little TLC and mom and dad’s snuggles. However, some emergencies need professional intervention and knowing first aid can help raise the chances of your little one’s survival.

But knowing baby first aid, what lifesaving techniques are available and which ones work for you may seem daunting at first — until now! Our baby first aid course in Adelaide offers empowering content with topics ranging from CPR and vital signs monitoring through choking treatments, so you’ll know what to do in these situations. 

Tackle any emergency situation with confidence

None of us wants to see our little ones in pain or struggling to breathe. Tiny Hearts is committed to providing you with all the resources and information you need to handle an emergency. You can find guides on treating burns, spotting signs of anaphylaxis shock and knowing CPR basics

With our baby first aid course in Adelaide, you will learn the right moves to save lives:

Administering infant and child CPR
Preventing choking and gagging
Addressing common health issues like the flu
Dealing with serious injuries like head trauma, bleeding and dislocations

Our paramedic-guided baby first aid course will cover everything you need in situations we hope you never have to encounter. Whether you take the course in a public setting or in private in Adelaide, we guarantee you’ll leave the session feeling more confident in your journey as parents and caregivers. Contact us for more information today!

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