• New Parent Essentials: Solids & First Aid Bundle
  • New Parent Essentials: Solids & First Aid Bundle
  • New Parent Essentials: Solids & First Aid Bundle
  • New Parent Essentials: Solids & First Aid Bundle
  • New Parent Essentials: Solids & First Aid Bundle
  • New Parent Essentials: Solids & First Aid Bundle

New Parent Essentials: Solids & First Aid Bundle

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  • Learn online
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Meet our New Parent Essentials Bundle; including our Introducing Solids Course (RRP $35) and our Online Baby & Child First Aid Course (RRP $150). 

This curated bundle equips new parents with essential skills and knowledge. Our Baby & Child First Aid Course ensures you're prepared for emergencies, while our Introducing Solids Course guides you through the transition to solid foods. From safety to nutrition, empower yourself with confidence and peace of mind on your parenting journey.

Bundle our two best-selling courses to get a great discount—and, more importantly, start feeling more confident as a new parent. 

What topics are covered in the Baby & Child First Aid Course?


We have designed this course to focus on the most frequently reported on first aid emergencies. The course includes:

  • First Aid Foundations
  • Understanding your healthcare options (flag system)
  • How to Identify a critically unwell child
  • Baby & Child CPR
  • Defibrillation
  • Recovery Position
  • Choking
  • Respiratory Distress
  • Sepsis
  • Serious Rashes
  • Fever
  • Febrile Convulsions
  • Allergies & Anaphylaxis
  • Managing Injuries
    - Mechanism of Injury
    - Bleeding
    - Head Injuries
    - Broken Bones
    - Burns
  • Envenomation & Poisoning
    - Poisoning
    - Bites & Stings
  • Tips from an ex-paramedic and mama
What topics are covered in the Introducing Solids Course?

This course provides a non-biased and evidence-based deep dive into the feeding options available so you can make the best decision for yourself and your baby. The course includes the following topics:

Starting Solids 

  • When to start 
  • Readiness signs 
  • What do I need before starting

Safe Eating 

  • How to set up a safe eating environment 

Methods of introducing solids 

  • Figuring out the best option for you and baby
  • Spoon feeding 
  • Baby Led Weaning 
  • Combination feeding 

Feeding your baby solids 

  • Where to start, with what and how much
  • Signs baby is full 
  • Foods to avoid giving baby 
  • What should baby be drinking? 
  • When to introduce water? 
  • How much food should they eat? 
  • Preventing and dealing with constipation 
  • How to increase the amount baby eats
  • Tips to avoiding picky eating 

Choking Prevention 

  • How baby protects themselves from choking 
  • Choking prevention 
  • High risk choking foods 
  • How to modify foods to make them safe 
  • Safely preparing food to avoid sickness 
  • What is gagging - what it is and what it looks like 
  • What is choking, the types and signs and symptoms 

Introducing Allergens 

  • The importance of introducing allergens to baby 
  • The top 10 allergenic foods 
  • How to introduce allergenic foods safely
  • How to record and track introduction of allergens 
  • Types of allergies; mild to severe 
  • Signs and symptoms 

Nikki’s solids tips 

  • Nikki shares what she wish she knew before starting solids 
How long will I have access for?

Once purchased, you will be able to access the courses straight away. We provide you with lifetime access to use with any future little ones or to refresh your memory!

What do I need to complete the courses?

• A device such as a tablet, phone or TV connected to the internet

• A good internet connection

• A teddy if you wish to practice along with your educator during our Baby & Child First Aid Course


It may take a few minutes for your access to come through after your purchase. If it is not in your inbox after several minutes, please get in touch by emailing hello@tinyhearts.co


  • Baby & Child First Aid

    This course is created by Tiny Hearts co-founders Nikki & Rach and our team of medical experts.

    During Nikki's time as a paramedic she would often be called to jobs where, had parents been confident with simple first aid, the outcome could have been very different. Kids could have been treated at home by their parents or, even more devastatingly, lives could have been saved.

    As parents themselves, Nikki and Rach know how important it is to have the knowledge and skills to recognise and respond to emergency situations with our children confidently.

  • Introducing Solids

    Two expert educators offer clear, helpful information for introducing solids to your little one.

    Amy Roylance is a paediatric dietician who has been working to help families feed their babies and children for almost 15 years. Amy will be offering insight into how to approach introducing solids with your baby and ensuring their foods are nutritionally rounded out for the best development of your little human.

    As a former advanced life support paramedic and Mum to two, Nikki Jurcutz will educate you on how to prevent choking through creating a safe eating environment, information on ways to make food safe and how to approach introducing allergens.

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