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Dressings Bundle

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Need to refill your Tiny Hearts first aid kit or simply stock up on supplies? Our dressing bundle contains everything you need when ouchies strike!

Each bundle contains:

4 x sterile eye patches

These pads are for protecting and covering the eye. Gently clean the wound and surrounding eye area before applying your eye pad. Now it's time for pirate play - Ahoy, me Hearties!

3 x sterile non-stick pads

Protects and cushions cuts, scrapes & minor burns without the sticky stuff. Gently cover the wound to help prevent infection.

2 x sterile gauze pads 5cm x 5cm

3 x sterile gauze pads 7.5cm x 7.5cm

Use for cleansing wounds. Moisten the gauze to gently clean the wound and surrounding areas before applying a dressing. Turn those tears into smiles!

2 x surgical pads 13cm

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Please keep the pen that comes along with this magnet out of reach of little hands as this could pose a potential choking hazard.