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Wake Up Next to A

Beautiful iPhone Alarm Clock


A New Approach to An Old Product

Waking up in the morning can be a difficult task even for the best of us. However, for those of us who tend to be heavier sleepers, it can be downright brutal.

To make matters worse, most alarm clocks, apps and real-life ones, tend to look like they were made to be hated with their bland, disinterested, and impersonal look and feel.

We wanted to change all that and make waking up a fun and beautiful experience through a modernized alarm clock for the iPhone.

Doing More With Less

We began taking notes from objects and interfaces that we were madly in love with, like the original iPod and the iconic Braun alarm clock.

These objects had transformed the way people interacted with the technology around them both physically and emotionally. Not only were they simple to use, they led the pack when it came to championing modern and minimalistic design.

Shake, Slap, & Flip

After an iterative design and development process that included more than 100 builds, we pushed the boundaries by incorporating a more natural and gesture driven interface that involved everything from flipping, slapping, and shaking your device to turn your alarm off.

We also layered on a minimalistic and modern flat interface (before flat became cool). We knew we had something special on our hands. Wake Alarm was our beautiful and intuitive alarm clock solution for both deep and light sleepers alike.

Waking Up Millions

Upon launch, Wake went on to become the #1 Utilities app and reached the Top 30 overall, beating out the likes of Angry Birds on the charts.

We were also featured as Apple’s “App of the Week”, and as a free app it received more downloads than Twitter, Dropbox, and YouTube, which helped it peak to the Top 20 free charts.

To date, Wake has helped millions of people from around the world wake up.

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