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We Helped High School Students

Get Real About Careers

Career Conundrums

We were approached by The Learning Partnership to expand the networks that high school students could reach out to for practical career advice.

Co-Creating with Students

If we wanted to create an app high school students would actually use, we’d have to build it with them. We set up a braintrust of students with diverse backgrounds to help inform our product and creative direction.

We also worked with these students to generate ideas and validate early concepts.

Getting Real

After rapid prototyping multiple iterations, we landed on an idea of crowdsourcing hard-hitting advice from people in a wide range of careers.

By setting up a comprehensive Typeform survey and leveraging TLP’s network, we were able to solicit responses from more than 500+ professionals. We hosted these responses on our backend, Contentful, to make the content accessible across iOS, Android, and web.

Real Results

Not only did we get featured on the App Store as a “Best New App”, but we got other accolades like “Best of November” and got as high as #3 on the Education category.

Real Talk was downloaded more than 50,000 times, exceeding The Learning Partnership’s expectations by a wide margin.

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