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We Built a Fitness App for the Rest of Us

Getting Fit Made Simple


All Work, No Play

Being busy building things has opened doors and opportunities that previously were locked. But it also leaves little time for anything else, even exercising.

We noticed that it wasn’t just us; there was a whole slew of busy professionals who didn’t make time to take care of their health. That drew us to build an app that would enable anyone to work out quickly and effectively.

7 Minutes Is All It Takes

Initially when we started exploring and testing different workout plans, we discovered and committed to trying out the scientifically proven 7 minute workout. All things said, we fell in love with the ease and effectiveness of the technique and went out to create an app that provided a variety of high interval training routines on the iPhone.

After holding auditions, we selected a local personal trainer for the videos and sweated the details by making sure details like his shirt and sneakers matched the UI of each workout.

Fitness, Yoga, & Abs

Quick Fit started with a single 7 minute workout routine but quickly led to additional workouts including one focused on abs and another on yoga.

The app comes equipped with motivation and tracking features, a streak tracker and inspiring notifications. The app was also built for a global audience, so we had it translated into 10 different languages.

Apple Commercial Fame

The app launched to great accolades with features in publications the likes of The Next Web, Lifehacker, and Swissmiss. QuickFit was even featured in an Apple commercial focused on fitness.

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