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We Created a Beautiful and

Innovative iPhone Keyboard


Taking the Leap

With the amount of time we spend typing on our iPhones, you would think the keyboard would be intuitive and customizable to our unique messaging needs.

We were tired of complaining and hearing the same pain points from others. Everything from not knowing which case you were on, to having to switch keyboards to access emojis, to having to tap to zoom in to edit.

We knew something needed to change and that we wanted to take on the challenge.

Building from the Ground Up

We had never imagined taking on such a large challenge. But when Apple announced that they were going to open up their keyboard SDK, we knew we had to jump on the opportunity.

It was too large of a challenge to take on alone, and we knew we had to build the keyboard from the ground-up with a community as passionate as we were about the iPhone. We started by posting our ideas and getting feedback online on platforms like Reddit, Designer News, and Product Hunt.

We then took it one step further by doing a Kickstarter campaign to help obtain the human capital required to execute on the features we knew would help revolutionize the iPhone keyboard.

Building Next

Next Keyboard came equipped with features like one-tap access to emojis, suggested emojis as you typed, a quick cursor for editing, and a whole assortment of themes and sticker packs to help take mobile messaging to the next level.

Almost There

To our surprise, we significantly exceeded our Kickstarter campaign goal and became the most funded app at the time on the platform. But that was just the beginning.

Upon launch, Next Keyboard was selected by Apple to be a best new app with feature articles in publications like The Verge, Mashable, and Techcrunch. Within a few hours of launch, Next Keyboard hit the #1 spot in the utilities category and peaked at #2 overall right after Minecraft.

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