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We Loved Emojis and Games So Much

We Brought Them Together


Emojis Galore

When we first started this project, we knew two things: People loved emojis and they loved party games like charades. Why not put the two together?

Better yet, why not build a game for iPhone that took advantage of fun gestures and simultaneously do something entertaining for the newly released tvOS platform?

Inspiration Hunting

While thinking about the look and feel of the app we knew we wanted to appeal to a younger demographic so we surveyed the most popular apps.

We fell in love with how apps like Snapchat, Yo, and Vine made use of bright, vibrant, and bold colors to help their app stand out. Throw in some inspiration from the native Apple reminders app, and we ended with a layout and design that matched our vision.

Game On

Emoji Party for iPhone and Apple TV lets users pick from 12 categories that include thousands of emoji combinations for players to guess from.

With a gesture-driven design for iPhone, players can flip down when they guess correctly and up when they need to pass. On Apple TV, we use the remote to let the user do the same by swiping left or right.

Woot! Woot!

Upon launch, Emoji Party was featured as a “Best New Game” on both iPhone and Apple TV.

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