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Improving Onboarding


Making Teachers Lives Easier

Through Akindi founder Mahmood, we discovered that teachers are constantly looking for ways to quickly collect assessment data that would help them tailor their lesson plans.

Most teachers carrying out regular paper-based assessments are stuck using old grading technology. This legacy technology is frustrating to use and lacks actionable insights. Akindi changed that by allowing any teacher to quickly scan and grade their multiple choice tests from anywhere, and receive actionable data instantaneously.

Seamless Assessments, Scanning, and Insights

We created multiple iterations on how the core actions of printing, scanning, and seeing results could be laid out and made readily accessible for each assessment a teacher created.

Once the assessments are printed and filled out by the students, the teacher can quickly scan and grade them through the iPhone camera. We wanted to make the scanning experience as seamless as possible.

We provide teachers with the overall average grade, along with the top and lowest grades. This way the teacher can understand which parts of the subject students are most comfortable with and which areas they’re having difficulties with.

Creating a Better Classroom

Akindi changed the game for teachers by replacing old technology, slow processes, and limited insights, with immediate assessment creation and real-time insights in order to tailor instructions.

We’re very proud to have taken part in transforming the classroom and making it easier for educators to do their job more effectively and efficiently. More importantly, we know that it means a world of difference to the students they directly impact day in and day out.

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