Wake Alarm

Slap, flip or shake your phone to get up with Wake, the beautiful and intuitive new alarm for iPhone.

Our Story

The idea to create Wake was inspired by our own troubles waking up in the morning. We wanted to build a simpler, more beautiful alarm clock for iOS that would always wake us up. Our goal was to modernize the alarm clock for iOS, taking inspiration from minimal interfaces like the original iPod wheel and the iconic Braun alarm clocks.

After testing and tweaking over a hundred versions—we obsessed over the tiny details to get things perfect!—we’re extremely proud to share Wake with the world. Wake up on the right side of the bed, everyday, with the most beautiful and intuitive alarm for iPhone.

Easy To Use

Wake combines gesture-based user control that goes beyond touch for snoozing and turning off alarms. Intuitive, elegant and reliable, Wake is designed to provide the best user experience. A simple spin of the dial allows you to set up to 8 unique alarms and snoozing is only a slap away!

Shaking Things Up

Get moving and shaking first thing in the morning! SHAKE mode forces you to physically shake your phone until the Shake Bar fills up. Wake’s unique SHAKE mode is ideal for heavy sleepers and you can choose the difficulty setting that suits you best.

Beautiful Mornings

SLAP & FLIP mode equips your iPhone with a virtual snooze button so you can catch a few extra zzz’s. SLAP to snooze or FLIP your phone over to turn off the alarm.

What people are saying about Wake

Of all of the many alarm apps that are on the market, Wake Alarm is without a doubt the most intuitive and beautiful.
Wake has been beautifully designed, with flips, slaps, swipes and shakes.
Wake, the minimal iPhone alarm clock app definitely made me look.
I simply love the design of Wake Alarm — it’s gorgeous.
it's super-easy to use, being a lot less clunky than a lot of other alarm apps.
Wake Is a Minimal Alarm Clock that Doesn't Skimp on Features.